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Acemark Team

Amir Syamsuddin
Amir Syamsuddin, the Managing Partner of Amir Syamsuddin & Partners Law Offices, has extensive backgrounds and experiences in many aspects of Law. He has successfully defending landmark cases, thus becoming one of the most distinguished lawyers in Indonesia. Mr. Amir Syamsuddin was a minister of Justice and Human Rights RI from 2011-2014

Didi Irawadi Syamsuddin
Didi I. Syamsuddin has extensive experience in litigations of Intellectual Property cases. He speaks in many national and International forums and writes in several prominent medias. He is in charge as Director of Litigation.

Amiruddin Syam
Amiruddin Syam has vast experience in litigation in many fields, particularly labour cases.

Yenny Halim
Yenny Halim has extensive experience in the prosecution of all Intellectual Property aspects. Being in the IP fields for more than ten years, she finds it challenging to seek opportunities that arose to grow the business and to make sure we meet the clients' expectations. She is in charge as the Managing Director.

Teddy Taufik
Teddy Taufik has vast experience in handling banking, finance and tax cases.

  • Lice Verdiana Efdora
  • Kresnami Sonyaruri
  • Aditia Gunadarma

Patent & Design  
  • Sri Hartanto
  • Retnowati
  • Priska Sabrina Luvita
  • Luli Nurul Zuhriatin
  • Mella Finanda
  • Vina Agita

  • Ethiek Widodo
  • Paula Arni Arnanda
  • Ami Ambarwati
  • Dewi Oktriani
  • Hijriah